Tefal ActiFry

October 23, 2018

We all love chippy chips but know they aren’t all that good for us. This is where the Tefal ActiFry comes in and transforms your world (ok, maybe not world) but nevertheless, its brilliant.

It will fry almost anything, in a healthy manner and all with a tablespoon of oil. Now I tend to chuck in 2 tablespoons because fat people are harder to kidnapp and I love chips, but this thing makes really good home made chips without the need for a greasy dangerous deep fat fryer stinking out your kitchen.

It’s easy to clean, easy to use and takes around 40 mins to cook chips to perfection. Splash on some salt and vinegar and you’ll never look back. Now, I haven’t used it  for much else other than chips but from the reviews I read before parting with my money, it does a grand job and frying chicken and vegetables.

The unit costs £95 and even comes with a detachable timer so you can leave it frying away in the kitchen and you won’t forget the time is up. There is no self shut off timer so it makes sense that the timer is detachable. The unit is either on or off.

My only criticism of the device is that it’s not quiet – I know it uses air to fry the contents but I know now why the timer does come away from the unit – as you would want to shut your kitchen door while this thing works it’s magic. it’s not loud, more annoying – but after a few mins the noise does become ignorable.

To sum up, the price is £95 which I think is still too dear. When this thing was new it was pushing £150. You can now pick it up for £95 but I would rather see the unit be priced at around £60. After all, it only pushes hot air into the device and turns the contains into lovely lightly fried goodness. Maybe hold out a few more months, then see if the price drops.

4 Vs – great product but noise and price are too loud to ignore.


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