Anker Roav Wireless In-Car FM Transmitter Radio Adapter (5 Vs)

October 23, 2018

Now, history has shown us that most if not all FM transmitters for cars that do not have bluetooth are pretty terrible and works for a while and end up being chucked in the bin. This was my thought until I purchased the Anker Roav In-Car Transmitter.


The device is small, easy to set up and the sound quality from the device to the FM station in the car is excellent. For £24 it’s a total bargain and even comes with an app to find your car via GPS. This I haven’t used as it required the device being plugged in when the car is off and is the case with most older cars, the power doesn’t cut out from the 12V adaptor so this could lead to be battery drainage.

I bought the device for mum so she could play music from her iPhone and also answer it should it ring while she is driving. The device is perfect and beats the 6 point and £200 should you get caught using your phone at the wheel.


Highly recommended and brilliant price. 5 Vs despite it using power after the engine is switched off (this is more an issue with the car than the device)


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