Western Digital My Passport (4 V’s)

October 23, 2018

First post, let’s see how this goes…

About 2 months ago, I purchased the Western Digital My Passport. Now, I was sceptical at first due to the price but when I realised it was all solid flash memory and was natively USB-C, I thought I’d take a punt on it. If all else fails, I can easily return it.


Now it looks pretty big below but in fact, it’s tiny. It will fit in the palm of your hand with room to spare. I use my for my TimeMachine backups on my MacBook and it’s lighting quick. I’ve also used it to transfer data to and from a Windows laptop which had a USB-C port and it chucks out similar speeds.


As the drive is solid state (for anyone over 90) that means there are no moving parts, it’s rugged and even comes with a USB-C to USB adaptor so don’t worry if your machine hasn’t got USB-C. This will take advantage of the speed through a USB 3 port also.

I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fast drive to use with backups/restore or transfers of data. This get 4 V’s and would have earned 5 but the price for 256GB is £99 and I feel £70 would be a better asking price. If you go up the ladder to 512GB, you will paying £145 (which to be fair is a better deal when you consider you are doubling the storage size) but it’s still expensive either way. 1TB is £200 and 2TB is an eye watering £495.


To round up, 4 V’s 512GB is better value for money. Don’t go for the 2TB unless you have £495 burning a hole in your bank account.

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